Pajoma diffuser 100 ml-Apple Cinnamon

Pajoma diffuser 100 ml-Apple Cinnamon
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Elegant diffuser with simple design. Package content: 100 ml liquid, 1 bottle, 10 sticks.

Fragrance: Apple Cinnamon

100 ml diffuser can scent the room for 1 month. Coverage: 10 m2

* Initially, we recommend to use 5 sticks. You can increase the intensity of the scent with more sticks.

When we are refilling the 100 ml bottle with refill liquid,we recommend to replace the sticks for a new one to make the scent more intense

* It’s enough to buy 100 ml diffuser once and then just refill it.

500 ml refill liquid = 5x100 ml - 100 ml = 3.96 euro 

German quality